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Seven delicacies for male impotence


1. Eat more wolfberry to nourish the kidney and strengthen vitality

Kidney has always been a compulsory course for men. The kidney is the backbone of a man. In the past, it was popular to replenish shape, thinking that eating more viscera and seafood can achieve the effect of nourishing the kidney. However, the high cholesterol in offal and seafood products often causes problems such as high blood pressure. For middle-aged and elderly men, you can’t care about cholesterol. Most foods rich in vitamin E and cholesterol-free are good kidney products, and wolfberry is undoubtedly the first choice. In addition, black sesame seeds and walnuts are good kidney-tonifying products that are worth recommending.

2. Eat more spinach to protect your eyesight

3. 20 cherries fight arthritis

Men who often run outdoors are prone to arthritis. Eating cherries regularly or drinking cherry juice can prevent arthritis. Eating 20 sour cherries a day can basically control the pain caused by arthritis.

4. 10 grapes block the stroke

Men are more likely to suffer from heart disease and stroke than women. As long as you insist on eating 10 grapes a day, it is best not to peel, you can easily solve the problem.

5. 3 watermelons are equivalent to 1 "Viagra"

A large amount of citrulline in watermelon has a pharmacological effect similar to "Viagra". Eating more watermelon is good for men, but men with poor gastrointestinal tract should be restrained, because watermelon is a cold food, and eating too much will have a certain impact on the gastrointestinal tract.

6, 2 oranges protect the stomach and prevent cancer

The stomach usage rate of men is much higher than that of women, and the probability of stomach cancer is also higher. Australian medical experts found that eating two citrus fruits a day can reduce the risk of stomach cancer by 50%

7, 1 apple to protect the heart to lose weight

The probability of men suffering from coronary heart disease is three times that of women. Dutch scientists found that eating 1 apple a day can reduce the prevalence of coronary heart disease by 50%. If one day a week is arranged as an "Apple Day" and only 400 grams of apples are eaten on this day, it is generally possible to avoid coronary heart disease after 5 "Apple Days". Apples also have a weight-loss effect. After eating 1500 grams of fresh apples six times on the "Apple Day", the initial results can be seen for 10 apple days.



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