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A recipe for men, sea cucumber and pigeon egg soup

 Li Zongsheng's "Song of Mortals" sings "You and I are all mortals, born in the world; running hard all day long, no leisure for a moment;" sang the voice of many men. Men work tirelessly for their families and careers. For this reason, the editor today specially tailored a model for men, which has obvious effects on men’s blood loss, asthenia, impotence, spermatorrhea, etc.

Ingredients: 20 grams of Cistanche, 150 grams of sea cucumber, 4 red dates (cored), 12 pigeon eggs, a little salt. 

Sea cucumber pigeon egg soup recipe:

1. Soak the sea cucumbers thoroughly with water in advance, remove the internal organs and inner wall membrane, and wash them with water for later use;

2. Put pigeon eggs in a pot of clean water, cook them, remove them, soak them in cold water, peel them off, and set aside;

3. Wash the Cistanche with clean water, slice it for later use;

4. Four red dates, wash with clean water, and set aside;

5. Put all the above ingredients into a clay pot, add an appropriate amount of water, cook for 3 hours on medium heat, and add a little salt to taste.

Points of practice:

Whether it is dried sea cucumbers or salted sea cucumbers, they must be prepared first. The specific methods are as follows:

1. Select sea cucumbers of the same size and rinse off the salt (soak the dried sea cucumbers directly until the sea cucumbers are soft and can be cut. It is safer to put them in the refrigerator);

2. Put the sea cucumbers in clean water and soak in the fresh-keeping room of the refrigerator to change the water until there is no salt;

3. Cut the abdomen, remove the sand and mouth, the epidermis does not need to be processed.



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