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Men’s favorite snack, beer chicken feet

Beer chicken feet is one of the favorite dishes for men, and chicken feet are rich in calcium and collagen, which is also especially suitable for female friends to eat, soften blood vessels, and beautify the skin. Happy

 Ingredients: chicken feet 500g

Ingredients: carrot half root, green onion, fungus, ginger, salt, half bottle of beer, proper amount of oil, proper amount of light soy sauce

Time-consuming preparation time within 10 minutes

Within 10 minutes of production time

Beer chicken feet practice

1 Cut off the tips of chicken feet, slaughter small, divide into three, rinse with water

2 Peel the carrots, cut into diamond-shaped pieces, slice the green onions diagonally, and cut the ginger into slices

3 Soaking black fungus (sprinkle some flour in it will help soak the impurities in the fungus)

4 Boil the chicken feet in boiling water, remove and drain

5 Heat oil in a pot, sauté ginger and green onion

6 Stir fry carrots

7 Pour the chicken feet and stir fry

8 Pour in half a bottle of beer, a little light soy sauce, and season with salt

9 Bring to a boil on high heat, simmer for 3-5 minutes on low heat, add black fungus, and remove the soup


1. Put the carrots in the oil and stir fry, the nutrients are more easily absorbed.

2. Put a little light soy sauce in order to reduce the color, so the amount of salt should be controlled

3. The chicken feet have an umami taste, so Yingzi didn't put any flavoring seasonings in the end.

4. The amount of beer is less than 2/3 of the chicken feet, too much, and the chicken feet have been blanched, too long cooking time will affect the taste of the finished product



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